Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ohh I love Kenley Collins!

This season's "bitch" and my favorite of them all, freelance designer 26 year-old Kenley Collins on her final collection allegedly committed a fashion crime: Plagiarism. Although this happened, I still love her. She did so good on the past challenges and I think she doesn't deserve the 3rd spot in the competition. ( Leanne Marshall won the 1st place, next is Korto Momolo) Project Runway is still airing here in the Philippines and it is 2-3 episodes to go before the final runway show. This vintage lady is cute in her stylin' with the 50's vibe. She does unique/vintage hair pieces and dresses, exactly the ones we see on her and sells them on her own online shop. I just love her.

Kenley did one dress that supposedly looked like a Balenciaga
(left:Baleciaga, right: Collins)

and her finale which was a wedding dress was a reminiscent of Alexander McQueen.
(left: McQueen, right:Collins)

In her statement in Entertainment Weekly interview the day after the said show, she tells...
"It's bulls---. I mean, seriously? You could accuse anyone of stealing from any other designer; it's all been done. It's crazy to think that dress looked like Balenciaga. I didn't know what they were talking about at the time, but then I looked it up, and it looks nothing like it. Either way, it's my design, and it was inspired from other things. It's really annoying and totally insulting to have them say your work is a copycat, which wasn't the case. "

and about her inspiration in making the dress...

First of all, you see me do that silhouette all the time, with the collar. It's a simple, '40s-'50s silhouette, and I hand-painted it with roses, and I was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the Victorian ''painting the roses red'' theme. And I started painting the fabric and rouging these roses, and I decided to make the dress a simple dress with rose leaves. It's very simple. And to say that it was taken from something that looks nothing like it — that looks like structured armor — it's nothing like it.

Some of her works that I'm totally diggin...

(Rockabilly Roll skirt available at

(Model struts Ms. Collins' work on the finale of Project Runway during New York Fashion Week September 12, 2008)

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