Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SUMMER'09: Balayan, Batangas Kathie's 18th (Mar21-22)

(Kathie's famille: L-R. Dad, sister Krachelle, Mom and Kathie)

So we went to Balayan, Batangas for Kathie's 18th birthday celebration. There was a band, famously called as "mosiko" in the local setting. It was a typical debut celebration in the province with a wide variety of food served for the guests and the family's house as the venue. The guestlist are mostly relatives and family friends or simply the "buong barangay". A tradition for debutantes that is becoming less popular nowadays.

The Post Party...

(spot me in the photo: wearing gray with black dress by Mint)
videoke, overflowing wine and beer are snobbed by the drinkers' and smokers' circle where I belong. We're in bed before 11pm. :)

Let the newbies learn! Haha!

Next morning...

since we are fully charged the next morning, we walked around the village and found a basketballcourt.

"kuya, pwede po makahiram ng bola?" I asked politely. Kuya, shirtless, handed me over the ball. And the score? 12-6. In favor of the twin towers, Salyn and Yanah. Tsssk.

so here am gettin ready to go swimmin... not in the beach, but it's her treat so, go! go!

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