Saturday, March 7, 2009

One night only and the morning after @ Intramuros, The Fort and Warehouse 135

(Gray longsleeves dress; Cream bag by Mango; Black beaded necklace of 3; Violet ring; Pearl earrings; Black tights, Violet Pumps)

I've attended an event last night in Intamuros specifically in Clamshell II, organized by fellow third year Thomasian under the Tourism program. It wasn't 'good' as I expected it. Or maybe I was just too overwhelmed to know they're going to have some shopping, fashion, music and bar theme. There's no bazaar, just a small table with accessories for sale and everything is talk and yes, it was ____. Fill in the blanks. I'm afraid someone from their section might read this. God, am D-E-A-D! But the food's soooo great and the venue set up I'll give 'em a 9. (so, what's this? haha!)

My classmates and I enjoyed the rest of our night in the walled city by doing these:

Alvin came at 9 so we headed to The Fort Emba and Ascend and met with Swenny and Rej fresh from HK-Macau trip. Lalalala.. something went wrong with the list so Femme, Salyn, Jane and I decided to have some coffee and then walk around til we reached Market! Market! at 1am. Then at 2am, the whole cast plus 2 other classmates went to Warehouse 135 where we went "ohmygawd!". Trance music + MYLF (mom's you like to fcuk) + No-smoking-inside= LETS GO HOME! Demmit! Crazy trippings, ayt? Heee. :)

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